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TOF Questions
Q in/with documentation
1) What does 2(32) or 4(32) in table 10 of the Data products mean?
2) Wording for Description of Step is confusing in the Data Product Format Description for TOF.
     "Energy step in collapsed data"
The valid range is 1-32 which is not the energy step but really the step in to the energy pair, in the energy table. I'm not sure what the correct wording should be.
3)Problem /question with the code Judy sent me for reading the data files which I have been using as a guide to make sure I am unpacking the data correctly. I have posted the codes at: http://caps.lanl.gov/swri_codes. The code in question right now is read_tof.pro.
The question is with the logic
       ifill=where(dat_st EQ 'FFFFFFFF'X,fill)
Then it checks to see if fill is 128 or 256 do something. I never get 128, I get either 256 or 384 or 512

Q in/with data
1)Data does not seem to have any resolution in energy for the latest data (actually all data since Jan 2004)
The data for the 512 tof entries seems to be the same for all "energy steps" for a particular a-cycle.
June 11, 2004 (doy 163) Hour 12-18 @ 4kbps I see counts in EN step 13,14,15,16
The data in the 512 tof entries is exactly the same for all 4 energy steps. When we are in 1 and 2 kbps like Jan 19 I see the counts for the tof chanels the same for 2 adjacent energies. Jan 19 hour 0-6 EN 11 and 12 have the same exact tof data.
2)Funnies in the data (The first might be due to mode changes)
2004 163
2004 019
format for data file is:
hr	min	sec	bcyc	tlm	en_step
File 1 questions:
Why does the second sweep of the energy steps only go through 4 energies?
File 2 question:
Why does the last two energies in the energy sweep have a different bcyc number/time, and why does it start with 3?
3) There is still a lot of fill in the data. Like times when there is fill for all 512 tof channels. Even for Jan 12 2001 data.

Q in/with web plots
1) Are the plots of summed or average counts for the 6 hour period?
2) Data looks like it is plotted in one energy step higher than where it looks like it should be from the data.
For example: 2004 Doy 163 hour 12-18
I see non fill data for "energy step" 13-16 which I think is really energy step 24/25 in the ims sweep table to energy step 30/31. So I calculate the data to be between (115.8614 *6.25) 724.134 e/q and (28.9733 * 6.25) 181.108 e/q
But your plots look like the data is between 8xx.0 and 2xx.0
The energy table I am using is ims table.

NOTE: Michelle thinks if anything the data should be higher. I am basing my calculation on where the data should be from the data given, not from science
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