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This page contains things I have uncovered about the CAPS data.


Index for IBS sweep table prior to December 2003
IBS sweep table prior to December 2003
IBS sweep table December 2003 to present

IBS counts start at 1 (not 0) in both the Binary and CDF files

Problems in the data files
1) According to Frank and Co. the IBS data may be scrambled every now and then.
2) Time stamp not in time order.
Example: for 2004019 hour 9-10

 TIME          BCYC    ACYC
09:09:58      114     1032
09:14:14      120     1040
then back to
09:10:30      114     1033
09:11:02      114     1034
09:11:34      114     1035
09:12:06      119     1036
09:12:38      115     1037
09:13:10      115     1038
09:13:42      115     1039
 Then jumps to
09:14:46      116     1041
09:15:18      116     1042 
3) also note bcycle in and out of sequnce as well.

Questions not resolved:
1) Wording in CAPS Archive SIS for IBS mode/submode incorrect for Magnetosphere. Says Track but should be Survey.
2) In solar wind track mode 256az are broken up into two sweeps of 128 az.
3) Not sure where to get DPU_Acquire =normal or =solarwind.

CGSS web site
Plots for IBS are not high resolution. Data collected only from every other sweep in track mode. And plotted for both track and search mode at rate of 132sec averaged. This was done intentionaly, according to Frank.


There are two sources for actuator data, 1) the actuator data product and 2) the a-cycle header. The actuator data product is produced in 16, 8, 4 and 2 kbps now. 1, 0.5 and 0.25 do not have the actuator data product. In all cases the actuator data is recorded in the a-cycle header. The ground system will take actuator data from the A-cycle header for 1, 0.5 and 0.25 rates. There are 4 values in the a-cycle header, sampled every 8 seconds. When we do get an ACT data product, it contains 32 samples, one every second.

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